Welcome to Fiscal Care Services, a premier provider of comprehensive revenue and cash flow management for the Skilled Nursing Facility industry. FCS’ broad range of services includes complete oversight and management of billing, collections, and Medicaid benefits eligibility.

Fiscal Care Services’ team of seasoned professionals works seamlessly with your internal staff, providing precisely the level of services you need. FCS relieves you of the time-consuming burden of managing accounts, while increasing your cash flow and profitability.

Ultimately, managing accounts and maintaining cash flow is the nuts-and-bolts of any healthcare entity’s financial viability. A facility can boast top clinical care, outstanding operations, and expert marketing, but its profitability can only be as successful as the billing, collections, and account management.

Managing billing is not only an essential operational component, it is also a difficult and time-consuming one. Internal office staff often find the labor-intensive task of carefully monitoring and doggedly pursuing each account draining and challenging. Moreover, guidelines regulating timely filing and meeting Medicaid eligibility criteria are getting increasingly complex and limiting.

Delegating this monumental assignment to a skilled and experienced team of experts is one of the smartest and safest decisions a healthcare facility can make.


Fiscal Care offers a comprehensive range of services to address the full scope of needs faced by healthcare centers. Our most commonly provided services include:


Exceptional Experience

Fiscal Care offers exceptional expertise in all facets of accounts management and collections. Our team is trained in the various software systems used by SNFs, and is proficient in the most current applications. Fiscal Care has developed streamlined and efficient systems and processes to ensure reliable and timely cash flow.

Unparalleled Teamwork

A hallmark of Fiscal Care is the personal working relationship we cultivate with each client. A designated Account Manager is assigned to each facility, and the FCS team integrates seamlessly, adapting to your specific protocol and office culture.


The Service People

Fiscal Care is the model of dedicated customer service. Calls are answered and messages returned promptly.


Fiscal Care will visit your office initially to gain hands-on knowledge of your internal office. Managers and team members provide follow up visits to oversee progress, resolve any issues, and ensure open communication.



At Fiscal Care we recognize that each internal office has its own strengths. We tailor design a service package to suit your needs and budget, so that you receive precisely the services that you require. Likewise, a workflow structure is custom designed to maximize efficient interaction.


The Fiscal Care team is dedicated to your financial success and peace of mind. Your hands-on knowledgeable manager is available to address any complications or time-sensitive matters - even after hours!

Fiscal Care was founded by accomplished and talented individuals with a strong background in the healthcare billing industry. They recognized the logistical and monetary value of an external billing and management office offering supportive services to Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Today, Fiscal Care provides account management services to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Adult Day Care Centers, and Assisted Living Communities throughout the tristate area, encompassing several thousand beds. Fiscal Care offers especial expertise in tristate area-based facilities, with thorough familiarity of the complex Medicaid and regulatory issues unique to this location.

Fiscal Care offers a comprehensive range of services to address the full scope of needs faced by healthcare centers. Our most commonly provided services include:


Medicare and Medicaid billing


Private pay collections




Medicaid application facilitation


Cash receipts posting


Claim Denial Management

For our clients’ convenience Fiscal Care also offers these additional services:


Payroll processing




Accounts payable management


Financial analysis


Adult Day Care Billing


Assisted Living Billing

Jerry Meyer

Jerry Meyer, President and CEO, is responsible for all aspects of FCS’ business, legal and financial affairs. Jerry’s broad experience in the healthcare Revenue Cycle Management industry, coupled with his innate talent and keen business insight, have earned him a reputation as an industry leader. Jerry is particularly noted for his skill in devising and implementing cutting edge information technology systems and work-flow methodologies for billing and receivable management.

Dovid Oldak

Dovid Oldak, Director of Accounts Receivable, is responsible for the nuts-and-bolts operation, ably overseeing the day to day execution of Fiscal Care’s contracted services. Dovid is an industry veteran with extensive billing experience at major SNF centers.

Joel Friedman

Joel Friedman, Director of Finance, is an accomplished CPA with Big Four accounting experience in the Skilled Nursing Industry, brings a wealth of public and private accounting experience to Fiscal Care. His advice and guidance is highly regarded and much sought after in the nursing home industry.


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